Friday, January 30, 2009

Tower of Babel, Meet Patioboater's Schedule; Patioboater's Schedule, Meet Tower of Babel

I was just looking at my schedule for Monday and noticed this meeting invitation:

Metadata template for ELT NGS Video and other asset types for ingestion into CAMS (CONF BOS -5- Moakley Bridge (12)).

I challenge you, gentle readers, what do you think this means? God help me, I actually do understand what almost all of it means. We all have bits and pieces of jargon in our work lives, but sometimes it's a wee bit thick around here.


  1. As though I wasn't confused enough about your job before all of that...

  2. I've always thought of Dilbert as documentary journalism, not fictional cartooning.

  3. I figure that it's all shorthand for John's buddies getting multimedia recordings including video of John ingesting a camshaft.