Friday, January 30, 2009

The Crew Slowly Grows

Oooh, now I'm up to *six* followers. Events have already overtaken my last post.

Everybody please squeeze in a bit and make some room on the Patio Boat for Mr. Jim Stoy. I'll stir up another batch of Kool-Aid.

No, no, Jim. You can't sit next to Baby Huey. Putting you two big fellas on the same side of the boat will capsize us all!


  1. I was assured this patio boat had a blender and a supply of margaritas. If it's just kool-aid, I'm jumping off now.

  2. Worry not. With master mixologist Jim Stoy aboard, our thirsty days are over!

  3. Gimme Ice, Cabo Wabo, and fresh limes and we will have one heck of a party. Enjoy the blog John, keep it up, I need the humor in my life.