Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few funny Facebook exchanges

At risk of crossing the blog and Facebook and making everybody's laptop explode at the speed of light, I reckoned I'd pass along these message exchanges that recently cracked me up:

My Status: John is off to tonight's Wolverine Lake village council meeting.
Steve Mace: I smell dictatorship!
Me: I prefer the phrase "strong, authoritarian leadership."
Steve Mace: You say "tomato", I say "Mussolini".
Me: At least our pontoon boats run on time.


(Background for those not from Glens Falls: Jim Stoy is an old high school buddy of mine who used to tend bar at Sandy's Clam Bar, an establishment that is best described as "the opposite of a wine-and-fern bar.")
My Status: John is thawing out. Damn, it's COLD outside!
James Stoy: Try living in Syracuse, quit your bitchin.
Me: Minus seven on my porch last night. Expect me to bitch plenty more.
James Stoy: Pull your skirt up, you're from the Adirondacks for Christs sake.
Me: Yeah, but I lived in Northern California for seven years. It ruined me ... It could be worse. At least it didn't ruin me so much that I went into Sandy's and asked Richie if he had a "frisky merlot" behind the bar.
James Stoy: I would have hated to have thrown you out.


My Status: John is blogging. A blog, a Facebook account, ain't I just the 21st century hipster?
Steve Mace: Let's not get out of control now.
Me: I may even learn how to send a text message before the year is out.
Michael Magee: My phone isn't holding its breath....

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