Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lunch Chez Cubicle

Here I am, eating my regular lunch fare in my regular lunch locale: leftovers in my cubicle. Today's noontime feast consists of some leftover hash browns from Monday morning's brunch and a bit of pork-and-eggplant stir fry that was leftover from last night. I also have two apples and an orange with an astonishingly dried up skin that is proving remarkably difficult to peel.

Most of my cubicle lunches feature leftovers. Monique and I usually cook larger amounts than we need for dinners, and I plan on eating the leftovers for lunch. An actual sandwich in my lunchbag is a pretty rare happening, usually just a couple of times per month. Not that I have anything against sandwiches, mind you, it's just that a nice hot bowl of stew or spaghetti or what-have-you is a bit more like a meal. Plus, we usually have some delicious leftovers in the fridge. When I don't bring something, I usually head down to our cafeteria for a salad and a soup or a bowl of chili.

Once a week or so I head out for lunch. This is more based on the principal that I need to visit the sunlight every now and then -- especially in the wintertime -- that it is based on any particularly exciting lunch options. When I used to work in places with some good scenery in easy walking or very quick driving distance, I liked to eat in a place with a view. Mostly all I have near our corporate campus in Farmington Hills are more corporate campuses, but every now and then on a sunny summer day I'll drive over to the edge of Walled Lake and watch the water.

But usually it's just me in the cube with some leftovers. Lunch Chez Cube.

I also used to conduct most of my fantasy sports news-gathering and transactions at lunchtime over my computer. Now that I've got this little blog, I suspect there'll be more lunchtime posts and less fantasy sporting. We shall see.


  1. Are you implying corporate campuses aren't scenic?

  2. I wish I had a cube. Or a corporate campus. Or a cafeteria. I will have to say, leftover are the best!! I rarely have a sandwich either.