Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Silly Season Is upon Us

A little message I posted on my Facebook page. I rather liked its intent, so I reckoned I'd share it here, too.


Now that we're within six months of November 2014 Election Day, Election Season is upon us. So here's the deal:

For the next six months I'm going to do my best to keep this FB page a reasonably civil place. I have an active and vocal assortment of friends across all parts of the political spectrum, and I enjoy vigorous debate as much as the next fellow. But be forewarned that I intend to use the Loving Hammer of Delete actively and arbitrarily if I think things are getting out of control. Try not to aggravate each other too much, and we'll all make it to Wednesday, Nov. 5, intact.

In that spirit, some of you may notice you just received an invite to a local Gary Peters fundraiser hosted by Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash. (I'm on the host committee for this one.) I tried to target local folks who I thought might want to support the Peters US Senate campaign. If you got the invite and don't want to see stuff like that, let me know. Or, if you didn't get it but are interested, also let me know and I'll send along an invite.

And with that, let the games begin....

Monday, May 5, 2014

Expanding our beagle-haiku mandate to include beagle accessories

Binkie and Pinkie:
Katie's old squeaky toys that
She treats like puppies.

The beagle's binkies,
Rescued like Katie herself,
Now part of the pack.