Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a nice, cozy day....

A nice, cozy day -- if you're inside, anyway. If you're outside, it's ridiculous. The good news is that the temperature has warmed up all the way to a balmy 12.7 degrees this afternoon. The bad news is that the warming trend has also brought several inches of snow.

Monique and I had planned to go down to the Detroit Auto Show this morning and over to her folks in the afternoon. We had even arranged a playdate for Katie the Beagle with the little girls next door. Instead we looked at the Winter Weather Advisory and the snow already falling outside, and pushed any plan that involved driving anywhere off to tomorrow. Katie the Beagle did get to go next door to play -- so as not to break the hearts of little girls who were excited as can be to see their beagle buddy -- but other than that we've been lazing about the house today, reading papers, listening to the folk music on the radio, and enjoying the smell of a big pot of chicken curry chili that I'm cooking up.

We also just watched Obama's speech in Baltimore as his presidential train moves up to Washington. I'm going to generally avoid political commentary on this blog, but I think that old English majors of all political stripes can agree that it's going to be exciting to once again have a president who can speak in complete sentences!

And now Katie is back from her doggie playdate, we're popping "Master and Commander" on the Blu-Ray player, and all three of us are settling in on the couch for a good epic movie while the snow continues to pile up outside.

Just a nice, cozy day.

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  1. I was supposed to drive to Baltimore this evening to pick up friends here for the inauguration. So very, very happy they decided to rent a car in Baltimore instead.

    Enjoy your movie!!