Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Speaking of movies...

... this was a pretty good exchange from an off-topic movie discussion we've been having over on the BaseballHQ boards:

JVR: On another level, has anyone heard anything about the Wall Street sequel?

Patioboater: Poseidon Adventure 3?

DAVITT@HQ: Starring Shelley Winters as the vessel.

Patioboater: And Gene Hackman as the fighting young priest who vows to lead Lehman Brothers back to profitability.

(Yes, yes, I am indeed continuing with the content generation model known as "reusing stuff I wrote elsewhere." Don't expect that to change anytime soon. I think we all just have to hope that I'm a good enough editor to limit my repostings to funny little exchanges, insightful meanderings, or genuinely newsworthy items, and that I will not post any of the usual eight-paragraph analyses of polyhierarchical thesauri mapping projects or metadata tagging process re-engineering proposals that make up the vast majority of what I write during my day.)


  1. And my husband wonders why I grew up thinking I wasn't as bright as a few members of the family.

    A last winter/ice/snow thought- last winter an ice covered tree landed on the Mountain House, taking out the electricity for six months. Are the trees aware that I was never personally a logger?

  2. Nahh, it doesn't take that much brain. We just like to use fancy long words 'round these parts.

    As for the trees and our tree-killing heritage, now that I haven't shaved in a couple of weeks I expect to don a flannel shirt, walk outside, and make trees fall over just by looking at them.