Monday, January 5, 2009

Insufficiently Insulated Beagle

Katie the Beagle has decided that she's had quite enough of Winter. Yesterday morning she considered the temperature in Michigan in January and decided to sneak off to Monique's office for her morning pee instead of asking to go outside. So this morning when she started in that direction, I quickly intercepted her and called for her to come outside with me as I went out to get the paper.

She tried to hide in her bed, instead. Then she tried to hide under her bed. Then she tried to hide in our bed, possibly on the theory that she's not supposed to be in our bed, so perhaps we wouldn't look for her there.

It was eighteen degrees outside this morning, so I kinda saw her point, but eventually Monique and I managed to corral her. I put her on her leash and took her out the door and into the cold, and she lingered behind me all the way out to the street, possibly in an effort to stay closer to the warm house. Then, when I stopped to give her a chance to do her business while we were on the way back towards the house she conceded to the inevitable, darted out into the snowy lawn, squatted, and melted a little yellow hole in the snow.

Before the last drop had hit the ice, she was sprinting for the door. As soon as I let her off the leash and into the house she ran for the couch and jumped under the afghan. Since I'm a good owner, I tucked her in and proceeded with my morning. But when I left for work an hour later there was still nothing but a little beagle nose sticking out from under cover.

It's official: Katie the Beagle wants the sun to return, so that she can resume her basking ways.

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  1. That's why we have cats. Although I do concede that canines are much better at vacuuming carpets than felines.