Monday, January 12, 2009

The Return of My Precious

The proper tool for fixing my satellite was indeed a qualified technician. After one trip down the ladder and back to the truck to fetch an important screw which was apparently missing, plus fifteen minutes of ladder dancing by a trained professional -- and no I didn't have to pay for it one dollar bill at a time in the tool belt -- I am once have 637 channels of satellite television calling to me in its seductive love. In fact, as I write the Red Wings are beating the Stars 3-2 in 50 inches of plasma love.

So, the satellite interregnum is over, and truth be told it did me no harm at all and may have ... oooh, nice goal, Dallas, dang now it's 3-3 ... and may have done me some good towards one of my goals this year, increasing my attention span and the amount of time that I spend focusing on one thing at a time.

In the meantime, away from My Precious, how about a progress report on my general goal of becoming all Web 2.0-ish this year.

Facebook -- One week after establishing the account, I'm now up to an astonishing 83 friends. More surprisingly, I personally know almost all of them. I friended Kevin Brauch, the host of The Thirsty Traveler, just for the fun of it. And I think two or three other folks may have slipped in there that I'm not sure that I recognize. But I really do know almost all of my friends. Really, I do. Of course, about fifty of them are Detroit RFC players. We'd probably be a better squad if we spent more time practicing and less time Facebooking.

The Blog -- You may be the judge of the broader success here, gentle reader. My own fairly limited goal is to try to write something every day and to see what happens. So far, so good.

MMO -- Yes, a massive multiple-player online game. I didn't really set out to accomplish that one in 2009, but an old buddy of mine from high school sent along an invitation to the Vampires game on Facebook, and I reckoned I'd give it a whirl. I'm now a Level 6 Animalistic Vampire. Since I think I saw a Level 821 vampire out there somewhere, I reckon I might have a ways to go on that one.


  1. Congratulations on the return of your home entertainment system. Shea will be begging to visit if he catches wind of that set-up.

  2. And with all those channels what did we mostly watch on the TV's first night back?

    Yeah, you guessed it. Two hours of The Weather Channel.

    That was also a pretty good Red Wings-Stars game, though. Hockey may be the one sport on TV that's most improved by HD.