Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Movie Reviews - Once, Unfaithful

Monique and I finally got around to seeing Once last night and we both really liked it a lot. (Not really a surprise, since it hit 97% on the ol' TomatoMeter.) The real surprise is that if you took the entire cast of The Commitments and asked who would go on to one day win an Academy Award, I'm pretty sure nobody would've guessed, "The guy who played Outspan."

The worst movie I've ever seen? Probably Unfaithful with Diane Lane and Richard Gere. It climbs to the top of the list for three reasons:

1) Richard Gere, always the sign of a bad movie. (I'm not anti-Richard Gere. It just seems to me as if I end up hating every movie I see him in.)
2) I walked out on it about 2/3 of the way through, and I was in my own house at the time. (Monique was still watching, so I went upstairs to read a book instead.)
3) Item #2 happened despite the fact that Diane Lane was running around buck nekkid in a good deal of that film. I would've bet good money that no movie could be so bad as to make me walk out on a naked Diane Lane.

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