Sunday, January 4, 2009

Second Post

Wow, with imaginative post titles like this, I could have been a member of the Michigan Street Naming Association. (For those of you not in Michigan, most of our major roads have imaginative names like Five Mile, Six Mile, Seven Mile, etc.

"For those of you...." I like that. As if anybody's actually reading this thing. )

Anyway, what I really meant to post about is my new pair of ice skates. My neighbors cleared out a lovely ice rink on the lake in front of their house, and on Friday I finally bought a pair of ice skates on the theory that I was going to do some ice skating this year. It's part of my ongoing effort to not be housebound all winter and to instead try occasional new winter activities like cross-country skiing and ice fishing.

But instead of skating this weekend -- and Saturday would've been a lovely day for it, mid 20s and mostly sunny -- I spent both weekend afternoons setting up accounts here on Blogger and on Facebook.* By the time I got around to thinking about skating, it was already dark outside.

So how pathetic was it that I didn't lace up my new skates once all weekend? I rate it about a 7 out of 10 on the Pathos Scale, since I should've at least taken one spin around the rink. Oh well, I'll try get out there at some point this week as part of my post-holiday return to eating less and exercising more.

*The blog and the Facebook profile are part of a general effort to stay in better touch with my family and friends this year. We'll see how it works. My sister's blog (Gettysburg Family) has been really good for letting me keep track of what she, Rich, Shea, Atlee, and Greeley have been up to this year, and I've really enjoyed reading it.

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