Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's too bad about Monique

It's really too bad that I'm going to have to commit my lovely wife to an insane asylum. Really, through eight years of marriage I thought we were suited for one another and that I had married a caring stable (well, stable as long as she's been fed recently) soulmate.

Alas, it turns out that what a friend of mine told me long ago is true, "You have to look out for the beautiful ones because they're all crazy."

How do I know my wife's trolley has slipped around the bend?

Because when I headed out the door to go to work this morning she said, "Enjoy the beautiful day out there."

Folks, it was minus two degrees Fahrenheit when she said that. I assure you that any judge in America would sign the writ sending her to the Loony Bin.


  1. Monique and Atlee have a lot in common, you know.

  2. Hey, hey, hey... in the interest of full disclosure, one important fact was left out of John's pithy piece. The sun is shining, today, in Michigan, on freshly fallen snow!

    What could be more beautiful? You tell 'um Atlee.

  3. Granted that Atlee is on Monique's side in this debate, but I assure you all that Katie the Beagle is on my side.

  4. Clearly, Katie is more sensible than Cady. It was a balmy 9 here when I had to take her for her daily walk. She loved it.