Monday, July 4, 2016

Tiki Night 2016

Another year on Wolverine Lake brought another edition of Yankee Doodle Party and Tiki Night, our lake's traditional July 3 celebration of Independence Day.

Join us for a bit of a party and fireworks!

Susan has arrived!

Lexi finds a seat in the old rowboat.

Porchside guests: Sam, Faye, Arsen, and Brigitte.

Magic Hour approaches.

Shea and Susan.

The old rowboat proved a popular destination for lots of folks, thanks to Monique's very clever padding job. Here we have Rich, Wendy, and Phil.

Emerson and Atlee watch the lighting of the Tiki torches.

Gene Matkowski's light-up flag remains a Tiki Night tradition, even though Gene sold his boat. It now rides aboard the McNutt pontoon.

It's almost time...


The Grand Finale!

After the grand finale? The petite finale: sparklers!

It was the best of times. (Hamburgers and hot dogs dropped by children.) It was the worst of times. (Noisy, noisy fireworks.) But with the party done and the fireworks noise finally fading, Katie the Beagle and Wilson could finally rest.