Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Virgin Islands: Bluebeard's Beach Club

And now, another series of far too many photos from our vacation in the Virgin Islands. This is a set of photos taken around the joint to give you an idea of the setup and how we spent our days around Bluebeard's Beach Club. (As usual, the click on a photo to see it full size or to page through the set.)

The lounging about the beach club crew (l-r): Monique, John, Sheila, Dick:

The view of the beach:

The view from the beach:

There were a few outstanding features next to the beach:

The Aqua Marine Dive Shop, where you can get anything from an extra snorkel to full diving classes and certification.

The swimming pool with swim-up pool.

And what did we do with all these facilities? Mostly we lounged around all day and had an entirely relaxing time:

Mom discovers that you can walk up to the swim-up bar!

The iguanas take the phrase "lounge lizard" seriously!

Eventually, sunset portends...

The cruise ships leave port...

And we could get down to some serious sunset watching:

After sunset, the salacious activities of the nighttime crowd takes over.

Gambling on hermit-crab racing:

And lounging about on the porch sipping fruity rum drinks while basking in moonbeams:

One final thank-you to our good friend for those lazy days basking in the tropics, our camera!