Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hurrah for the California poppy!

I got some bad news at work today and needed a bit of cheering up. As coincidence would have it, a friend of mine on Facebook is doing the "put up pictures of flowers instead of all the depressing, awful stuff that people seem to post on FB these days" thing. The key to this virtual floral chain-letter is that if you "like" the picture the other person puts up, that person has to assign a flower for you to post a picture of. After that bummer of a day at work I saw that I'd been assigned the poppy.

Fortunately, I had a nice little picture of a California poppy that I took when I was out in San Francisco last Spring. It's not technically perfect, but it is cheerful. After posting it over on FB I decided this joint could use a cheerful flower picture, too.

I present to you the California poppy:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Take the Fall Colors Tour with the Windsor-Detroit MG Club

On Sunday Monique and I took the FUN MG on the annual Windsor-Detroit MG Club Fall Colors Tour. Scheduling that event is always a bit of a risk. Some years the colors aren't at peak or the weather doesn't cooperate. But this year everything came up aces. With the colors at their peak and a sunny and reasonably warm day on tap we had 25 or 30 little British cars along for the tour.

Come along with us for the ride.

Gathering our caravan after we got separated by a traffic light in Northville:

Headed East on Hines Drive:

We reached the East end of Hines Drive. It was time to turn around and head back West:

MGs everywhere in the parking lot as we turn around!

Now we were headed back West on Hines Drive:

After all the driving to and fro we stopped at the Ostbaum Orchard cider mill for cider and donuts:

We weren't the only classic cars out for cider and donuts on Sunday.

Then it was time to gather up and hit the road again, this time headed East on Seven Mile Road:

Our final destination after an awful lot of awesome top-down driving among the leafs: a well-earned dinner at the Deadwood Bar & Grille:

And that's it. Thanks for joining us for the drive! And special thanks to rallymaster Ed Fleming for setting such a scenic course. We hoped you enjoyed the virtual ride.