Monday, February 23, 2009

Vacation Pictures, Part 3, Movin' on up Route One in the Rain

Next stop to the north on Route One? The Ragged Point Inn. I feel the need to provide them a click-through link because they're the first good pee stop north of the elephant seal colony in San Simeon. And while I always take advantage of their facilities, I don't always reciprocate by purchasing something from their food stand or gift shop:

I might like to stay there one day. They have a great view from their lawn:

You might have noticed some rain clouds looming in the background. Sure enough, once we got back in the car, the rain moved in. This leads us to a series of photos that Monique took over the next couple of hours. I like to call this "A Passenger's-Eye View of Route One in the Rain."

... oooh, look. The Sun! Photos taken outside the car coming next! But first, before you think that Monique's view of our drive in the rain was all that scenic, let me show you the view to her immediate left:

Ugh! Who let the elephant seal drive the car?!

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