Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick, Bleah!

When I started this blog I had this illusion that I would bring illumination and poetry to the human condition. Instead, I have opened a vein today to unleash a river of whining about my minor cold. Today's whine? Not only am I still sick, but I'm actually even sicker than I was yesterday. My fever is up another half-degree and my lungs and throat feel even worse.

This is clearly unfair and wrong. I only worked a half-day from home yesterday and then I semi-napped the afternoon and evening away in front of the television. I even submitted myself to the movie Convoy on the grounds that nary a neuron would be disturbed. And yet today, I am sicker!

I am genuinely mad about this. Really furious. And I am this mad even though I know intellectually that there is little to be done about it, other than to grab a blanket and a book and the remote control and ride it out on the couch. I know from long experience that I will get better sooner if I treat myself well for a couple of days, and I also know that I'm generally not competent anyway when I'm wandering around with a fever. I shan't tell the story of how I nearly melted two pots in my attempt to make a cup of tea this morning, but rest assured it was enough to convince me that I am not currently competent.

It's just that I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done this week so that Monique and I can go on vacation Friday morning. And I have thus far accomplished almost none of it. And I'm pretty sure I won't get much more done tomorrow, since I'll have two days of undone work waiting for me, and a village council meeting afterwards.

I find this is my reaction more and more often when I get sick. I don't even bother to wallow in self-pity and instead move straight to fury. I just hope that it's helping with the recovery.

Mind you, I'd be quite enjoying my sick day if I weren't so mad. I have a good book, and a sweet little beagle to keep me company on the couch. But man, this isn't the week I would've chosen to come down with the crud. Bleah! Bleah!! Bleah!!!


  1. A blanket? I figured you for a member of the "Snuggie" revolution. More sleep and less blog my brother.

  2. You know, the funny thing is that my reaction to illnesses like this has almost always been furry, right away. I feel like my normally strong, well functioning body is falling down on the job. But you, John, have usually taken these things in stride, and with grace, not fighting the inevitable but giving in to the process of healing instead of wasting energy being mad.

    Don't take on my bad habits, dear. And, please, keep those germs to yourself, will you?

  3. Its a little cold for goodness sake, find a movie on pay-per-view, have some soup and or some tea, take a nap, pet the pup. Think of it this way, vacation is only 3 days away.

  4. After a lovely two-hour nap on the couch with Katie the Beagle curled up with me, a lovely pot of chicken vegetable soup from Monique for dinner, and a quiet evening watching the Westminster Dog Show, I am happy to report that I am no longer furious.

    Just disgruntled.

  5. After hearing that you and Michael are both sick, I've decided that the Apocalypse will be coming from the west in the form of a great big cloud of cold germs.

  6. Your Apocalypse is coming from the North in the form of a great big cloud of everything-eating dog.