Monday, February 2, 2009

I don't write anymore...

... or so it seems to me, since once upon a time I thought of writing as "writing coherent and complete short stories, poems, essays, news articles, etc." However, the truth is that I write a ton. At one point today I noticed that I had already completed my 18th e-mail reply, the second draft of a fact sheet for a village thing, a reply to a previous post in here, and the fourth draft of a spec for a work project. Oh, and during lunch I wrote up several one- or two-paragraph replies and comments on discussion threads over on my favorite fantasy baseball web site.

Some days it seems that all I do is meet and type for ten or twelve hours at a stretch. If you added up all the words that I type in a day you would probably find that word-for-word I am more prolific than Isaac Asimov and Stephen King combined. But it is true that I hardly do any of the sort of more artistic, focused writing that I once did.

Instead, I prolifically pontificate on a preponderance of platforms.

One of the little things I hope to get out of this blog is to re-establish a little writing discipline in my life. To get back in the habit of writing consistently every day in the same place. Discipline is kind of like exercise. Easy enough to maintain when you're in the habit, but a bear to start back up again once you've let it slide too far. And I am indeed an ill-disciplined writer these days.

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  1. I blog because I'm too lazy to keep a baby book AND let all of you know how the kids are doing. OK, OK, I'm too lazy to do even just the baby book.