Friday, February 13, 2009

All's reasonably well that end's reasonably well...

I wrote a really long, whiny blog about all of our travel woes today. You may all thank me later for the hitting the "delete" button. Eventually I'm sure we'll grow to appreciate the two $300 vouchers for two future tickets that Northwest forked over as an apology.

What really matters is that Monique and I eventually got out here to San Diego, safe and sound. (Well, mostly sound. Monique is definitely fighting off the cold that beat me down earlier this week. But safe matters on a day when every airport screen we were stuck in front of was filled with video of that plane that crashed in Buffalo last night.)

So, enough of my whining. On to the good stuff. And how is the weather here in sunny San Diego? As I type, I am staring at a TV weatherman on the late news in a ski hat, parka, and thick gloves. Is he in some location that I can gloat about, like Detroit, Glens Falls, Gettysburg, or Wyoming?

No, he's standing on the Mission Beach boardwalk about two blocks from our hotel using phrases like "fierce cold front" and "San Diegans just aren't ready for this sort of weather."

I'm guessing we might not use the convertible quite as much as I had thought. Oh well, it'll be great weather to drink beer and watch rugby in tomorrow. So we've got that going for us!

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  1. Rich and I once got free tickets to anywhere when we got bumped from a flight. We discovered we were to poor to actually use them. I wish you better luck than we had! Enjoy your sun, er snow, er vacation.