Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I ask you, is *this* the beard of a vagrant?

Well, I thank you all for your comments regarding my beard as it approaches its seventh week of life. I'm sure that words and phrases such as "homeless person", "vagrant", "uglier than that Chinese Crested breed at the dog show", and the ever popular "woodchuck" were all meant to capture the free-spirited pioneer spirit and sheer animal magnetism that it has provided these many weeks.

I ask you, is this the beard of a vagrant?

Oh, it is? Okay, I guess the razor better come out to California with me.


  1. I think you would make a dandy Santa Clause. Vagrant, indeed!

  2. There's been a bit of a anti-shaving lobbying going on now.

    Will the beard make it to the Spring Equinox? Stay tuned, facial hair fans!