Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oooh, tired.

Man, that was another full day, most of it in my politickin' clothes (coat and tie.) It was the second day of a two-day training I'm doing at work on managing off-site workers. I had to leave early because I was serving on a shared-services mergers panel at a Michigan municipal managers convention down in Ypsilanti. Then I stuck around for dinner, which was interesting and mostly involved a little chit-chat about assorted municipal-manager shop talk. By the time I got home it was nearly 11:30 pm.

The drive home from Ypsilanti -- What a demented name for a city. I love typing it: Ypsilanti! Ypsilanti! Ypsilanti! -- was cold and fast. It was about five degrees above zero when I got in the car in Ypsilanti, and it had dropped below zero by the time I got home. But there were very few cars on the road, and it was pretty much a straight shot home on I-94 and I-275 with the cruise control at 75 and some coooool jazz playing on the Ed Love show on 101.9 FM.

Driving on highways is great when there isn't a big pile of traffic driving badly.

Now that I'm safely ensconced in our cozy warm (i.e. above zero!) living room, Monique is catching up on several back episodes of "Damages" on our DVR. It makes me realize that my day-to-day life may be a wee bit less dramatic than the average FX network series. Having now seen what some of these folks in this show are doing to one another, I'm okay with the lack of that sort of drama in my life.

This is a bit of obviology, but it's much better to be listening to jazz in Lenny the Lumpymobile than to co-opted by the FBI and shot.


  1. I think we'll be sure to schedule any visits to Michigan in the summer months when we don't have to worry about negative temperatures.

  2. Susan, that is a good idea. But do come visit when it warms up!

    John, Lenny would like us to start calling him the Leftymobile again, now that his lumpy roof has been fixed...

  3. Lenny may think he's a Lefty again. But now that Obama's been inaugurated he's really a bit of a centrist. Sure his roof has been replaced, his dings have been fixed, and a new antenna has been installed, but I suspect that he'll be the beloved Lumpymobile from here on out.