Friday, February 6, 2009

Holy cats, that was a busy week!

See, this is how I lose track of time altogether. I could swear that it must still be Tuesday because it feels as if I just got up and went to work on Monday morning yesterday.

Let me tender my apologies to all of my devoted zombies (i.e. the "Followers") for the decided mediocrity of my blogging this week. Rest assured it was a step up in entertainment quality from most of what I wrote this week. Final count for the week: 79 e-mails written and sent from my work account, most of which included jargon and acronyms too horrifying to be repeated in what passes for polite company here in the blogosphere.

In the meantime, I'm too tuckered out to type anything coherent. So let me instead send you over to my sister's blog (Gettysburg Family) for genuine entertainment, the most controversial music video since Britney let it all hang out in the "Womanizer" shoot. This one's got it all: biological warfare, behavioral brainwashing, and some very steamy under-18 semi-nudity. It's a little tune the Riordan clan likes to call What Happens on a Sick Day.

P.S. Preview of coming attractions here at Patio Boat: My brother Mike sent along a copy of my answers to the 48-questions questionnaire from a couple of years ago. Comparing those to this week's answers should make for a good exposé of how entirely predictable I really am.

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  1. Damn. I'm off to Hollywood to direct music videos. I didn't realize I was that good until you pointed it out.