Thursday, February 12, 2009

Portable Electronics: making your travel life easier!

We're now packing for the jaunt to California, and it is now time to round up the portable electronics. I have to say, modern cell phones, laptops, iPods, and everything else have made the world of travel a whole lot easier. Once upon a time I would travel coast to coast with just a shaving kit, a book or two, and a change of clothes. For this trip I'm toting along a few more electronic devices than I did in those bygone days:
  • iPod Touch (Nifty and wi-fi!)
  • iPod
  • iPod synch wire
  • iPod auxiliary wire to plug into car stereo
  • iPod car charger
  • My new laptop (Hurray!)
  • A few CDs with drivers for the new laptop that I haven't yet loaded.
  • Laptop power cord
  • Laptop antenna
  • Laptop remote control
  • Ethernet cord
  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless keyboard
  • External hard drive
  • USB cord for external hard drive
  • Carrying case for external hard drive
  • Work laptop ('cause I didn't quite finish all my tasks and will need to do a smidge of work while I'm away.)
  • Work laptop power cord
  • Work laptop mouse
  • Digital camera
  • USB dock for digital camera
  • Assorted memory cards for digital camera
  • Cell phone
  • Wall charger for cell phone
  • Car charger for cell phone
Oh, and I'll probably pack a few dozen CDs and DVDs because I haven't yet actually loaded much of anything to the new computer or the new portable hard drive.

Wow, portable electronics have sure made my traveling life easier! I wonder if maybe I should rip my 50-inch plasma TV off the wall and toss it in a carrying case while I'm at it. Just in case we need it.

P.S. Yes, this means the blogging may be a bit erratic for the next couple of weeks. However, it's just barely possible that I may find some sort of Internet connectivity and enter a blog entry or two from the road.


  1. I'm overwhelmed by your list of technology. I will return to my cave now.

  2. To carry all this stuff, it seems like you'll need a "robotic mule" such as the one the Army has asked for to use in Afghanistan. (Forty acres and a robotic mule... how things are changing...)

  3. I'm sure I would've enjoyed dragging it through security yesterday -- twice. It literally took six trays to x-ray all my stuff.

    At that, it might've been a less foolhardy attempt to breech security than the attempt made by Monique. Silly girl, she thought she would bring her bottle of Coco Chanel perfume along in her carry-on luggage. Her really big, expensive bottle....

    (Happy ending: the security guard in Phoenix lectured her, but didn't make her dump it out. It was passed through with nary a comment in Detroit. Iguess the lesson we learned is that if you plan to blow up a plane with a bottle of champagne, it's probably betterto board in Detroit than Phoenix.)