Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tired Brain

Sometimes when I have a busy week -- as this week has been -- I get to a point on late Thursday afternoon when my brain just shuts down altogether. Usually with a night's sleep I can cajole it into some useful tasks on Friday: some indexing, sorting out contracts & invoices, maybe a bit of project estimation or planning.

This happened to me again today, though I did manage to at least bump through a few e-mails with the rest of my day. But I rather suspect the high-class thinkin' is done for the week for me. This may be why Thursday is such a popular TV night, both for me and the nation as a whole. I may not be the only one out there who suffers this problem, and nothing sez "tired brain" more strongly than turning on the tube and vegging out for the night.

What's that you say? This is hardly the cleverest or most insightful Patio Boat post you've ever read. Um, I refer you again to the title.


  1. We don't like much that is on on Thursdays, so we went with an on-demand movie tonight, "Nixon and Frost." (Or is it "Frost and Nixon?") In any case, it is a really good movie.

  2. You are a generous, gracious man, my dear, whether or not your worn out and your brain has shut down.