Monday, April 27, 2009

Nuthin' Fancy, Just Faux Summer

Inside, the beagle snoozes loudly in her chair.

But we have both the big sliding glass doors on the lake side open on this warm April evening, and through the screens I can hear summertime approaching: the frogs chirping away in high, ringing trills; the lake lapping at out dock; and our recently repaired wind chime clanging every now and then with the first breezes of tonight's approaching storms.

They're all calling out on this hot, humid night.

Feels like a summer evening, even if it is still April.


  1. Atlee and Greeley had to go through two changes of clothing on Sunday because they were playing in mud and water. Ahhh. Summer days already.

  2. You captured that nice, languid feeling of a summer evening quite well with this post! Too bad the temperature dropped by 40 degrees over night. Not that I'm complaining. As you said, it is only April...