Monday, April 20, 2009

This week's Extremely Local News....

John Magee is working at home this morning and enjoying a clean desk, thanks to three straight weekends of shoveling and sorting piled up paperwork. April 13 at 9:46am

Eric Blosch at 12:18pm April 13
I get the same effect with one quick trip to the circular file.

John Magee at 3:51pm April 13
The end effect was similar, except that I had to pull about three binders worth of village stuff for filing and another 10 or 20 pages of assorted items that needed to be kept out of about 20,000 total pages. There were still two recycling bins' worth of stuff that got chucked. It amazes me how much paper I am buried in each and every week. What ever happened to that "paperless society" thing, anyway?

John Magee is still hungry after his cup of oatmeal and now contemplating an early lunch in the cube: a stuffed pepper and mashed potatoes. Mmmmn. April 14 at 11:31am

John Magee at 11:48am April 14
Early lunch wins out. Yummy!

John Magee revised last night's wee little poem in his head as he drove in to work, and revised it on the Patio Boat blog itself (A Sudden Quiet while enjoying his tasty lunch. Now, back to work. April 14 at 1:11pm

Eric Blosch at 2:15pm April 14
I must say, I enjoyed that.

John Magee at 2:19pm April 14
Thanks, Eric. The revisions were pretty small, but I think they made it a much better poem.

Laura van Hoff at 7:10pm April 14
love the the patio boat photo of you in the floatie thing even more!

John Magee celebrated the sunny spring afternoon by driving over to Tom's Root-Beer Stand for lunch and enjoying a couple of coney dogs from a tray on my car window while I looked out at Walled Lake. April 15 at 1:31pm

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Ray Abruzzi at 1:52pm April 15
well-played, Sir, well-played

Monica Lesnau at 4:42pm April 15
Me, too. Weird . . . We were in the white Escape. About 1:30 p.m.

John Magee at 5:22pm April 15
I pulled out just after 1 pm. It definitely put a spring-like bounce in my step. (while also putting a rock-like lump of coneys and fries in my tummy.)

John Magee just noticed that Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco are going to be at the Motor City Comic Con this year. Since I just happen to have a wee stack of Spider-Girl original art that already has Sal Buscema's autograph, it looks as if there may be some autograph huntin' going on this year. April 15 at 10:02pm

John Magee Sunny spring day! Yippee!! (Alas, that I'll be spending it in Cubicleland, though.) April 16 at 9:52am

Eric Blosch at 12:28pm April 16
I see a kernel of an idea for a new novel, along the lines of Flatland, but a world of cubicles. The alternative title would be 'Reality'.

John Magee at 12:43pm April 16
I broke out into the sunlight at lunchtime to run an errand.

The best part of living through a Michigan winter is how good it feels when Spring does finally arrive.

Phil Gaven at 3:39pm April 16
You do realize that you people in Michigan are free to leave, right?

John Magee at 7:03pm April 16
Since when? Hey, why didn't somebody tell me about that?!!

John Magee is sorry that this weekend's old boy rugby match was cancelled due to lack of arthritic ruggers, and wants to thank Mike Gangler for all the work he did trying to put that DOGS @ Grand Rapids game together. April 16 at 7:00pm

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John Magee has to get up reasonably early and should be going to bed. But instead I'm watching an episode of "Hogan's Heroes". I think I'm going to regret this when the alarm clock goes off. Fri 12:52am

Rich Riordan at 7:40am April 17
I know that's still hard to pull yourself away..

John Magee had a busy day of village governance on many fronts: wireless service, swans, and potential citihood. Ironically, now that I'm working at my real job after spending my morning in a meeting on wireless service, the wireless on my work laptop keeps crapping out. (Yet my home laptop seems just fine.) Ahh, computers. Oh well, I got to visit FB on the home laptop whilst I rebooted. And now, back to the other laptop. Fri 3:43pm

John Magee is done workin', and now enjoying the rest of this beautiful, sunny spring day! Wow, it's nice. Fri 6:26pm

Michael Magee at 10:43pm April 17
Done workin', and now buried in the basement studying the entire weekend.

Snow yesterday. Snow/rain today. Snow/rain tomorrow.

Wow, it's not nice.

John Magee at 12:42am April 18
Oh, sure, you have to go study all weekend. But I just had to go drink beer with old boy rugby players. Don't you feel my pain?

John Magee isn't going to sit around reading Facebook. I'm going out into the genuinely warm April day. Hurrah, Spring has sprung! Sat 12:49pm

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Andrew Mutch at 12:57pm April 18
But you're still online...

John Magee at 5:11pm April 18
Nah, I was outside cleaning the garage and running errands. My laptop was the one sticking around online.

John Magee and Monique are off to a wine-tasting fundraiser this evening. However, I'm going to continue to leave my laptop online with the browser open to Facebook, just to further confound Andrew as to my true whereabouts. Sat 6:17pm

Phil Gaven at 11:54pm April 19
I am so proud of you guys, willing to help those people who are so unfortunate that they can't even taste wine. You give and you give.

John Magee and Monique lazed about this morning reading the papers, then a late brunch with a yummy ham, mushroom, and cheddar omelet. Now we're getting our rainy Sunday afternoon under way. April 19 at 1:11pm

John Magee at 1:13pm April 19
And indeed, I have started the afternoon list by petting the beagle's ears. I'm on the board. What next?

Steve Mace at 2:09pm April 19
Solving the Middle East issue. If you could just go ahead and get on that now that you're nice and relaxed. Thanks.

Roger Franklin at 3:35pm April 19
Whoa there! Did I miss you fixing the economy? Let's get our priorities straight here.....

John Magee at 4:22pm April 19
It turned out that item #2 on the list was petting Katie the Beagle's ears some more. I'll get to the Middle East and the economy later today, probably after I watch the ballgame.

Susan Magee Riordan at 4:46pm April 19
After dinner, could you work on health care policy for a bit?

Roger Franklin at 5:42pm April 19
Holy chin!! I just noticed the clean shaven look! It's like a time machine!!!

John Magee at 7:41pm April 19
After dinner I may work my way up to a nap.

Steve Johnston at 8:49pm April 19
You are so agressive on Sundays....time for another beer yet?

James Maloney at 2:34pm April 20
This does not sound like the Detroit we read about in the media

John Magee at 6:17pm April 20
It does, however, sound like the slothful old boy prop that you would read about in the media, if the media covered slothful old boy props.

John Magee and Monique watched "Milk" tonight, and both thought it's a great movie. It turns out that Sean Penn really did deserve the Oscar. Who knew? Monday, April 20, 12:19am

Stacey Tucker-Blosch at 2:04am April 20
We watched it tonight too. Very good.

Sheila Nason at 8:05am April 20
Dick and I watched it Friday. Yes, he was very good.

Gretchen Brimmer at 8:17am April 20
Have you seen "Henry Poole is Here". Strange movie, but I liked it...

John Magee at 9:50am April 20
Nope, haven't seen it. It looks as if it got roughed up pretty good on the ol' TomatoMeter (38%).

John Magee - Busy work day with lots of e-mails and teleconferences, but not enough actual work accomplished. And now off to a village council work session...Monday, April 20, 6:08pm

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