Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fame, of a sort, plus fame of another sort: a "Carrie Fisher's Key Ring" update

I was just going back through the blog to look for new comments, when I came across a brand new comment on my Norman Rockwell at the DIA post by somebody who had come across the post by Googling "mark rothko dia". If you do that right now, that blog entry is #3 on the first page of Google results, the Holy Grail of Internet visibility. I'm currently #11 if you google "norman rockwell dia", which almost gets me onto the first page of results.

The Patio Boat seems to be buoyant. Link to it from your .orgs and .edus and watch the world come on board. (Supposedly inbound links from .org and .edu domains are especially prized in Google's relevance algorithm. Perhaps it's finally time for to make its links o'plenty debut!)

This upswing in traffic also means that I made more in March from the little Google AdSense account that I opened on March 10 than I did from being president of our village. Final tally? Silly Blog $27.88, Public Service, $20.00. I'm sure that somewhere therein lie the seeds of humanity's inevitable collapse.

Speaking of fame, I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to find out why I have a photo of Carrie Fisher's key ring. (Most of you have been waiting with bated breath; Katie the Beagle has been waiting with baited breath, breath that smells like bait.)

As a reminder, the photo in question:

And no, I did not pull that photo off the 'Net. In fact, here's another taste of the high-powered celebrity rumor-mongering yet to come. I actually used the keys that are attached to Carrie Fisher's key ring -- both of them. Oh, yes, there's a humdinger of a story still to come and the world demands to know it. Stay tuned, Star Wars geeks and Patio Boat readers. (Frankly, those are two groups with considerably more overlap than I care to admit.)

But in the meantime, I want you all to ponder whether it's a coincidence that the estimable Ms. Fisher appeared at the Wondercon in San Francisco while Monique and I were out there this February, and that in May she will now be appearing at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan, just five miles from our house.

Coincidence or red herring? You be the judge.


  1. "Coincidence or red herring? You be the judge."

    Something smells fishy, and it isn't Katie the Beagle's baited breath.

  2. Although Katie's breath does smell fishy too...