Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Extremely Local News, issue 2, Apr. 6-12, 2009

John Magee is recovering from the trauma of his 14-hour blizzard blackout by watching opening-day baseball games in HD on his big, honkin' plasma TV, now that the power is back. April 6 at 5:22pm

Michael Magee at 5:31pm April 6
The Red Sox got rained out, now all I have left is rooting against the Yankees.

Sheila Nason at 5:51pm April 6
Dick's watching and rooting against them right now too.

John Magee at 6:16pm April 6
Ooooh, through the magic of DirecTV Extra Innings I'm watching four games at once right now.
The Tigers' first game at 7 pm, then Michigan State hoops for the National Championship at 9:21 pm. I think I would've been sad if our blackout had continued another ten hours.

Phil Gaven at 6:50pm April 6
That scene in "Ray" where he goes through heroin withdrawl - that's how I picture John in a power outage. "Doctor, get this boy four simultaneous channels of sports STAT!"

John Magee at 7:42pm April 6
And now that the Tigers are already down 4-0 in the first inning, I guess it's time for some of that heroin.
John Magee Let's go, MSU! April 6 at 9:31pm

Jenn Spahn at 10:42pm April 6 via Facebook Mobile
I think everyone is watching this game right now haha.
John Magee Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. (Which was about one minute into the first half.) Congratulations to MSU for a great run! (And to me for finally winning the "Old IACers" office pool!) April 6 at 11:53pm
John Magee drove to work without my laptop this morning, and so I had to turn right around drive back home when I got to the office and realized I didn't have it. I ain't too bright in the mornings. April 7 at 2:17pm

Jim Stoy at 2:32pm April 7
more coffee, less thinking

John Magee at 3:33pm April 7
You say that as if "thinking" entered into it at all. I'm pretty sure there was no thinking going on whatsoever.

Jim Stoy at 4:18pm April 7
like I said, more coffee

Katy Balcer at 5:08pm April 7
I've witnessed you pull that one before!

John Magee at 5:50pm April 7
My learning curve isn't very impressive, is it? But it has been nearly a year since the last time!

Neil Walker at 12:55pm April 8
So...uhhmmm...yeah John, guess what I did this morning? Why couldn't I learn from YOUR mistake? Noooooo...I had to do it all by myself. That is NO way to start the day. 4 hours later and I'm still trying to recover...
John Magee is now laughing at Neil Walker for forgetting *his* laptop this morning. Ha! Ha! Ha! April 8 at 4:36pm

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John Magee at 4:38pm April 8
And if there's anybody out there who hasn't yet heard enough about amnesiac laptop owners, I rambled and scapegoated about it over on my blog, too:

Benjamin Magee at 8:30pm April 8

John Magee is pretty sure that if he tried to transport brownies in Warren County, this is what would happen with his brother-in-law Harry: Thu 12:13pm ·

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John Magee at 12:15pm April 9
That was yesterday's "Jump Start". The plot thickens further today:

Harry Spahn at 1:46pm April 9

John Magee at 6:47pm April 9
You smile, yet I'm still afraid to drive through Warren County with delicious baked goods!
John Magee enjoyed delicious Costa Rican coffee this morning, thanks to his folks who brought it back with them from their trip to Costa Rica, and then sent it along to Michigan. Thanks! Fri 11:56am

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Sheila Nason at 1:12pm April 10
Glad to hear you liked it.
John Magee Callin' it a day at work. Friday evening cleanup to come when I get home. What should the cleanin' music be this time? Fri 6:13pm

John Magee at 7:23pm April 10
Hmmn ... the end of the Cubs @ Brewers game seems to have won for now on the TV. Alas, that me sitting on my butt watching baseball isn't getting the cleanup done!

Robert Forster at 10:21pm April 10
try this:
Let me know what you think.
John Magee Friday night cleanin' done enough for tonight. Now it's time for a delicious Sierra-Nevada Bigfoot Barley Wine and a little baseball on the tube. Fri 10:29pm

John Magee at 10:31pm April 10
BTW, tonight's cleanin' music was Alison Kraus, A Hundred Miles or More and Susan Tedeschi, Wait for Me. Bob's recommendation may have to wait 'til tomorrow.

Ray Abruzzi at Fri 11:01pm
Nice plan!
John Magee had a lovely, lazy Saturday morning. Time to be productive now. Yesterday at 12:16pm

Steve Mace at 12:31pm April 11
Why start being productive at this stage of your life? Unproductiveness is your bag. Stick with what you know. Case of suds, and raw red meat.

Roger Franklin at 12:57pm April 11
He makes a good point John. It's now past 5 o'clock back home, so you don't need to apologise to anyone. We'll back you up.....

John Magee at 1:40pm April 11
You've convinced *me*. Now all you need to do is convince Monique. Good luck with that.
John Magee fibbed on Facebook. I didn't really start being productive an hour ago, unless you count writing up a new post for the Patio Boat blog as "productive": Now I better get that cleanup project back under way!
John Magee is dancin' up a storm to the Dead at Barton Hall '77, as he and Monique get the house ready for Easter dinner with Arsen & Brigitte. 12:51pm April 12

John Magee at 12:54pm April 12
P.S. Where's the Easter Beagle, you ask? Katie the Beagle is basking on the porch in the spring sunshine.

Phil Gaven at 1:31pm April 12
I've seen that dance and I'm not sure it qualifies as a "storm."

John Magee at 3:19pm April 12
... dancin' up a mild spring drizzle ...
John Magee is showing Arsen how Facebook works. 9:10pm

Erin Eliza Braun at 9:38pm April 12
Hi, Arsen!

John Magee at 10:24pm April 12
Oh, shoot, we had already moved on. I suspect he would've been quite excited to have somebody actually say, "Hi!" to him while we were surfing. (I also suspect that it won't be long until he'll be around here himself. We shall see.)

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  1. On my behalf, John, please say Hi to Erin Eliza Braun for me in return. To be greeted by a charming young lady like her (a quick Googling produced her image for me) is indeed an honor.