Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Week's Extremely Local News

Haven't heard any comments pro or con on this format in a bit. How's it working for you all? Is it useful here on the blog? Would you all rather just have a haiku about Katie the Beagle?

John Magee It's been almost twenty years since I worked there, but I am proud as can be that a writer from my hometown newspaper, The Glens Falls Post-Star, won a Pulitzer Prize today: April 20 at 11:11pm

John Magee is lunchin' in the cube. (Hey, it can't all be glamour and drama.) April 22 at 1:18pm

John Magee loves how adamant fans get about NFL Draft choices before the draft, since their knowledge is usually based on third-hand observations made by some draft pundit. My own two cents on the Lions taking Matt Stafford? Um, he's not going to make the Lions any *worse*, that's for sure! Fri 12:55pm

Scott Pollack at 1:09pm April 24
Good comment, I no longer listen to the draft pundits. I have my own rating system which is similiar to the system that I use to crown my own college football national champion. Utah was my champion last year, Boise State a couple of years ago, and Penn State in 1994.

Steve Mace at 1:15pm April 24

John Magee at 5:54pm April 24
At least a few of the pundits have watched some film or attended the combine. But most of the yappers work off somebody's interpretation of somebody else's opinion. And then the guys who call in to radio shows work off those fourth-hand opinions.

And yet I love the NFL Draft, nonetheless. Oh, sweet contradiction.

Steve Mace at 5:56pm April 24
Are you still talking about football? Please hand in your rugby boots, IMMEDIATELY!

John Magee sez, "Warm Friday afternoon, meet cold beer. Cold beer, meet warm Friday afternoon." Fri 5:55pm

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Jeffrey Kofsky at 7:32pm April 24
Guinness #1 down; #2 on the way.

John Magee at 9:36am April 25
And then we introduced the happy couple to our neighbor's pontoon boat and cruised the evening away.

John Magee really enjoyed the first pontoon cruise of the year last night. Now it's time for some general yard cleanup to the dulcet tones on the radio of fans calling in to complain about Lions draft picks. Saturday at 12:35pm

John Magee and Monique were extremely impressed by the organization of the NO HAZ day at Walled Lake Northern High School for dropping off hazardous materials. Both we and our now toxic-free garage thank everybody involved! Saturday at 3:14pm

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John Magee loves the NFL Draft and the panic-stricken voices of Detroit radio announcers and callers whenever the Lions make a pick. I'm also amazed by the continued durability of Mel Kiper, Jr.'s hair. Saturday at 7:17pm

John Magee has been watchin' more NFL Draft coverage. The Lions are off the clock for a couple of rounds now, so perhaps it's time to do a few productive things with the remnants of my day. In general I like the Lions draft and think they probably got a few good players, a vast improvement over the Millen era. Sunday, 1:45pm

Ryan Claytor at 2:03pm April 26
Boy-howdy, how long does this draft process take? I've been seeing your draft updates for a few days now. I have no clue about what's going on in football, but here's hoping for some good picks. :)

Eric Blosch at 2:03pm April 26
No offense, but a 41-year old Scott Mitchell would have been a vast improvement over the Millen days.

Ronald Wong at 2:51pm April 26
No where to go but up! You listen to Millen, and he's intelligent, but it didn't translate into building a program.

John Magee at 4:15pm April 26
Still two more rounds and three Lion picks to go, Ryan. All the coverage hereabouts is because when a team's as bad as the Lions, the draft is considerably more fun than the actual games.

John Magee Congratulations to Mr. Irrelevant, kicker Ryan Succop (U of S.Carolina) the 256th and final pick of the NFL Draft, who will be rewarded with a trip to "Irrelevant Week" in Newport Beach, CA.

Condolences to "Mr. Almost Irrelevant", TE Dan Gronkowski of Maryland, who was picked #255 and will be punished by having to play for the Detroit Lions this year. Sunday, 7:50 pm.

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