Monday, April 6, 2009

The Extremely Local News Report

Monique has taken to calling the Facebook feed "the extremely local news," since I seem to generally check it out on weekends around the same time we're reading the paper or listening to the news on the radio.

With that in mind and with the ongoing collapse of our nation's news infrastructure, I thought I'd convert my little status updates for the week into a bit of a newswire report by compiling them and editing them a smidge for clarity. This is in part just to see what it was like, but also to give you non-Facebookers a chance to catch up with the week in Wolverine Lake. Mostly, I'm just curious what it all looks like when its together in one place. I'm soliciting commentary on what you think, especially from you non-Facebookers. Let me know if you think it'd make a worthwhile weekly feature here on the Patio Boat. If so, is it worth including the commentary, too?

The John Magee Extreme Local News Digest for March 26 to April 6:
Thu, March 26, at 12:15am
John Magee
picked his (5) for "favorite beers": Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Guinness Draught, Bell's Oberon Ale, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and The Poet. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Looking forward right now to the summertime return of the Oberon.

Fri, March 27, at 10:02am
John Magee
has a fun, restful weekend planned. But kinda wishes he was rucking around in Nashville with the rest of the Detroit ruggers.

Sat, March 28, at 7:45pm
John Magee
had a great time at the MSU Comics Forum today! Plus, I rounded up a new stack of indy comics by local creators to look forward to reading!

Sun, March 29, at 1:09pm
John Magee
is looking at the awesome handmade book stand that Monique bought us for our anniversary from Phil Gaven's Shininglass Studio:

Susan Magee Riordan at 2:00pm March 29
That is very pretty! Good selection, Monique.

John Magee at 2:33pm March 29
Photos now up on the blog:

Stacey Tucker-Blosch at 2:42pm March 29
Very nice.

Eric Blosch at 7:12pm March 29
That's a very nice piece. I'd consider ordering one myself, but it's looks too big for "Webster's Completely Abridged Two-Color Guide to Upper Wisconsin Animals, in Twenty-Four Glossy Pages".

Mon, March 30, at 12:09pm
John Magee
was working at home fairly diligently before he got distracted by Obama's auto-industry address. Now I'm pondering its meaning, and I think I'm optimistic.

Jeffrey Kofsky at 6:53pm March 30
Go ahead, Detroit, have some New York money. We've got too much of it anyway.

John Magee at 7:28pm March 30
Thanks for the cash, Jeff! We'll write you an IOU on these shares of Lehman Bros. that we're not using any more.

Wed, April 1, at 9:22am
John Magee
was stuck in an inexplicable traffic jam on 12-Mile Rd. this morning. What was it? A stalled car, geese walking across the road, or alien UFOs with lasers? I'll never know.

Craig Neuman at 9:24am April 1
I was actually reading about that on the internets this morning. It was alien geese with lasers in a stalled UFO.

John Magee at 9:32am April 1
Mystery solved! The Internet is truly a wondrous place.

Neil Walker at 10:31am April 1
Yeah, those alien geese ruined my morning. Work is enough fun as it is, it SUCKS when the day starts like that.

Thu, April 2, at 2:55pm
John Magee
Meeting, meeting, lunch, meeting, meeting, 1/2-hour free, meeting. So why am I on FB with my 1/2 free hour? Ooops, better stop typing. Time for a meeting.

Rachel Skousen Herr at 3:00pm April 2
Many a times I wonder the same thing about myself, yet here I am!

John Magee at 4:30pm April 2
Meghan Gaven introduced me to one of my favorite new phrases: "Social notworking."

Michael Magee at 8:21pm April 2
You're just increasing your productivity. The company should thank you:

Fri, April 3, at 7:36pm
John Magee
had an interesting day at the Michigan Municipal League Region 1 conference. Now it's time for some Friday night cleanup around the house. Cleanin' music? Rush 2112.

Scott Pollack at 8:17pm April 3
Glad to see you're cleaning up you own Temple of Syrinx...and the meek shall inherit the earth.

John Magee at 8:44pm April 3
Sadly, when I told the Priests about Facebook, they had this to say:

Another toy
That helped destroy
The elder race of man

Monica Lesnau at 9:00pm April 3
"Interesting," you say; is that good? Thanks, again, for driving. It's always a pleasure working with the wonderful people of Wolverine Lake, and their President is a pretty good guy, too.

John Magee at 9:13pm April 3
On this occasion I meant "interesting" in the good sense. The ride was fun, too. Much better than driving to and fro alone.

Phil Gaven at 9:57pm April 3
Did you crank up "Red Barchetta" and show your friends just how low the balls hang on that Civic Hybrid?

John Magee at 11:00pm April 3
No, but I did play the Folk Channel on XM Radio as we putted up I-275.

Carissa Wilkins at 9:15 am April 4
john, john, john....what would we facebookers do without you??????

John Magee at 10:54 pm April 4
Without me? You'd all probably read about one less update per day, that's what!

Sat, April 4, at 2:15pm
John Magee is off to the Detroit Institute of Arts with Monique, Arsen, and Brigitte. Alas for Katie the Beagle, who will stay at home.

Sheila Nason at 2:42pm April 4
Have fun! Wish we were going with you.

John Magee at 5:45pm April 4
Arsen & Brigitte toured the Norman Rockwell exhibit that Monique & I toured a couple of weeks ago, while we toured some of the older French & Italians (and the Van Goghs, of course.)

Mary Alampi at 7:24pm April 4
Please share for us a big, warm hello to all three and keep one for yourself. Heck, toss one in for the beagle while you're at it.

Sat, April 4, at 8:36pm
John Magee Way to go, Michigan State! Great to have good news around here!

Eric Blosch at 11:06pm April 4
More importantly, good-bye UConn!

Yesterday, April 5, at 12:15am
John Magee
is reading two great poems on Arsen's blog: and

Today, April 6, at 3:38pm
John Magee
didn't mind the 6" of snow nearly as much as I minded that the storm knocked out our power from midnight until after 2 pm today. Ugh!

Gretchen Brimmer at 4:17pm April 6
Yuck! I will stop complaining about rain now....

John Magee at 5:18pm April 6
The added bonus is that we also lose water (well pump) and heat (electric ignition for the gas furnace) whenever we lose power. It got a wee bit chilly in here by this morning.

Today, April 6, at 5:21 pm
John Magee
is recovering from the trauma of his 14-hour blizzard blackout by watching opening-day baseball games in HD on his big, honkin' plasma TV, now that the power is back.


So, what'd you think, oh Followers of mine? Is it worth seeing the week's "news" compiled that way?


  1. Okay, I'll go first--and I DO qualify. If face lots of books but I'm not on both. I found the recital amusing and informative--and now have an answer to a puzzle. How could Mary Alampi had found her way to Ghulf Genes. Now I know. I think a summary every now and then (GOOD weeks) would be a nice addition. Sometimes even globalist like me need "extremely local news."

  2. Yes, yes, I liked reading the extremely local news too. We non Facebookers (maybe one day) need to ease into social networking. This reproduction of a week's worth of postings is a nice teaser! Keep up the poems as well.