Sunday, March 15, 2009

Signs of Approaching Spring on Wolverine Lake

The thermometer topped 50 degrees this afternoon. It doesn't look as if it's just a temporary winter thaw. There are some definite signs of the approach of Spring.

The neighbor kids fishing off our dock:

The little back-and-white ducks that always follow the melting ice as they migrate North on their way to the Arctic Circle:

And, speaking of waterfowl, there's also the loon perched on our roof:


  1. Yet again, you made me laugh. Thank you!

  2. All I can think is "That's not a loon, it's an Ewok without it's headpiece."

  3. Holy cow, its Santa in March doing roof repairs in Michigan

  4. It's actually Joaquim Phoenix's little-known even crazier older brother, Santa Phoenix.