Monday, March 16, 2009

The Beard, Week 12

Ahh, it was just a month ago when I used to hear descriptions as kind as "homeless guy" and "woodchuck."

As it enters its final week, the beard has taken on a life of its own. In the last two days I have had two neighbors blurt out the same exact words, "My God, what is that thing on your face?!!"

I told them it was my nose, but that doesn't seem to have been their concern.


  1. It is sort of like Santa got all depressed and stopped caring about the basics of hygiene. It is also a testament to Monique's love for you. A big testament.

  2. I actually like the beard. Really.

    Although I will admit, it's ready for a trim... I think a clean shaven face will be a shock now. As a beard grows you have time to get used to it. When it goes away, it's a sudden, shocking event.

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    I guess what AdSense is telling me is that if I look this hirsute I either need to shave or to start working at home full-time.

  4. Maybe I missed a prior post, but is this a winter thing?

  5. You're starting to reach that critical time when it's finally necessary to trim that monster. I persisted a long time, but eventually had to cave.

  6. Hey John and Monique,

    John I havent seen you in what, 20 years? I would have to think you are about 40-41 years old? John, as an old high school buddy, you dont have to shave it clean, but a little trim might be nice. Its almost scarey, you look like my 76 year-old father.


  7. Mark it on your calendars. Friday, March 20, is the vernal equinox. Are changes in store for the beard? Stay tuned, Beard-Fans. Same Beard-Station! Same Beard-Time!