Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Puttin' the "Dog" in Doggerel.

My wee little beagle-based poem, I Sing the Beagle Electric, started a bit of an exchange in the FBN's Poetry Coroner that I thought I would share here. It went a little something like this:

Jon Hopwood wrote:
How can you write a poem about a beagle and not mention (or make a pun on) Snoopy?

John Magee wrote:
I had a humdinger of a Snoopy pun ready to go, but the Schulz estate demanded $75,000 up front, plus a taste of the gross receipts.

Mary Campbell-Droze wrote:
The great estate of Chucky Schulz
Takes not kindly to insults.
You'd have to be quite daft or loopy
To lob a pun at good ol' Snoopy.

John Magee wrote:
Snoopy is as Snoopy does.
Snoopy lives while Schulzy was.
Can any beagle catch Snoopy
In cash on hand? Go, Katie!


Alas, in her effort to overtake the vast Snoopy-based Peanuts marketing empire, Katie the Beagle is still a couple billion dollars short. This can only be because she has not been provided a sufficiently fat Wall Street bonus out of taxpayer bailout funds. Please, Congress, give from the heart. If it's good enough for AIG, isn't it good enough for AIB? (Adorable Insecure Beagle.)

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  1. That dog of a discussion continued, with reference to another poem:

    John Magee wrote:

    I would like to point out that this poem fails to make even the slightest effort to meet its MBRC* requirements, and thus fails to qualify as a genuine work of literature.

    *Minimum Beagle-Related Content

    Mary Campbell-Droze wrote:

    Leave it to Muggy to advocate legally
    Requiring content specific'ly beagle-y!

    John Magee wrote:

    From my perspective legally
    This poem on matters beagle-y
    Makes me go, "Tee hee hee!"