Monday, March 30, 2009

Dude, Where's My Spring?

So much that I could be blogging about ... the MSU Comics Forum that I attended on Saturday, Obama dropping the hammer on GM and Chrysler, my first day without home delivery of my morning paper, Katie the Beagle's annual checkup at the vet....

But all that flew out of my mind this morning when I awoke to find this view out the front of our house!

It's March 30! What happened to Spring?!! This is not acceptable!!!!

P.S. Worry not, Katie the Beagle fans. All went well at the vet. Our canine heroine is plumping up nicely, having beefed up from 19 pounds to 23 pounds in the last year, which gives us an astonishing 21% more Katie the Beagle to pet.


  1. Rich had to stop work at a roofing job on the Mountain yesterday due to snow. Snow in Michigan in March? Not so surprising. In Pennsylvania? Isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?

    Why did you stop home delivery of your paper?

    Don't make my beagle to fat. She needs to fit into a suitcase this summer.

  2. Obviously, that was supposed to be too fat. Proofread woman, proofread.

  3. She's really not fat at all. In fact, she's still a pretty trim looking beagle. This is because SHE IS TOO PICKY TO JUST EAT ANYTHING OFF THE FLOOR, UNLIKE SOME OTHER DOGS WHO WOULD MAKE MUCH BETTER GETTYSBURG-VACS.

    She was just really, really skinny when we got her. She was a rescue dog, and we're pretty sure she needed rescuing. She is now a pampered dog, and she believes that she needs pampering -- a much happier state of affairs for a little beagle.

  4. Oh, and the bit about no more morning paper was not my choice. Starting yesterday The Detroit Free Press only offers home delivery on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday now, these being the three most popular days for advertisers. The rest of the days you have to get your paper online.

    I have a nice, long blog entry percolating about that development.

  5. I'm completely amused that both of you comment on your own blog :)

  6. We both feel entitled to a rebuttal!