Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Three-Day Weekend

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. A three-day weekend gives you one day for rest, one day for chores, and one day for fun. The chores are necessary and the fun is fun, but the older the get, the more important I find that day of rest.

Or in the case of my own three-day Memorial Day Weekend, three days of rest. (Well, okay, I did wheelbarrow some dirt down to fix up our seawall on Saturday afternoon, and we had Arsen & Brigitte over for dinner yesterday, which was fun. But mostly I took all three days off.)

I could feel the benefits today at work. I had been feeling pretty run down the last few weeks. The cold I brought back from Wyoming didn't help, I suppose. But today I was much more chipper and -- more importantly -- much better able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

I've always been of the general opinion that rest and sleep are greatly underrated, especially if you're in the thinking biz. I may have come to that opinion in part because of my occasional bouts of insomnia. I can really feel the deterioration in my ability to think the next day if I don't get enough sleep. And indeed I kicked off the weekend by crashing for a good ten hours on Friday night and Saturday morning. I also took a lovely and unplanned two-hour nap on Sunday afternoon when I really just expected to sit down on the couch for five minutes.

I think a couple of months of short-sleep finally caught up with me. Hopefully I have now caught up with it.

And now that my sleep is pretty much caught up, I think I shall make a greater effort to keep it caught up this Summer. It's kind of pleasant to still be coherent for the entire day at work.


  1. Oh, oh. I'd better stop playing on the computer and go to bed. I might need to think tomorrow.

  2. Unexpected naps are a lot harder for me to come by lately. It seems that right when I drift off, some short person is waking me up and talking to me about Dora and Boots or what the cats are doing- you know exciting things like eating cat food or sleeping.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!