Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Full Day

Full day. Yet another power outage this morning, so no shave, shower, or coffee to start the day. Then a 9 am village shared-services meeting, eight busy hours at work, and a 7 pm village budget work session that lasted until 9:30 or so.

On the bright side, the budget meeting did wrap up in time for me to get home and watch the faceoff that started the third period of the hockey game. The Wings' eventually scored a 2-1 victory in overtime to win the Western Conference.

On to the Stanley Cup Finals! And on to bed!


  1. No coffee? ack! The day stops right there.

  2. It practically did. Fortunately there was a bit of burnt-down, old, cold coffee leftover from the day before, so I did manage to chug that down to get enough caffeine in me to be able to trudge out the door.

    The sad thing is that it wasn't much worse than the coffee we have in our kitchenette at work.

  3. These way-to-frequent power outages lately have made me think, oddly, how lucky we are to live lives in which such things are an outrage. Having power available at any time, all the time, without fail (just about) is something we just expect... How lucky we are!

    Now, coffee, that's another matter. I'm thinking of stocking up on some instant, just for emergencies. Well, one can just chew it up...

  4. When we lived in Wilmington, the power went out at least once a day. I said something to a fellow resident a month or so after moving there about how I had stopped setting the microwave clock- he looked sort of stunned and said, "It took you this long to figure that out?" It made me sort of grateful for when the power was flowing.

    We have a gas stove here and I've been known to boil water and pour it through the grounds in a manual sort of way to get coffee when there's no power. MUST HAVE COFFEE.

  5. Get an enamel percolator. Put it on the grill and you won't have to go without coffee if your power goes out again.

  6. We have a nice galvanized percolator, and a side-burner on on grill. Now, if only we had a non-electric way to grind our beans.

    How pathetic.


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