Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Smelly Wife

So Monique and I were lazing about and reading the Sunday papers in bed this morning, as is our way, when suddenly Monique yells out, "Ooooh, a smelly!" and she pulls some sort of open-'n-sniff perfume card out of the advertisement pile. Then she opens it open, snorts deeply, waves it around in front of my nose -- it was some sort of citrus-y smell -- rubs it on her wrist, and then tucks it under her pillow.

"Oooh, another!" is the next thing I hear, and another open-'n-sniff ad goes through the same treatment, but this one gets tucked into the sheets. Our bed has now been thorougly smellied.

And where was the biggest smell in the household -- Katie the Smelly Beagle -- during all this? She was curled up safely over in her bed in the office, safe from any smelly-rubbing at all. I guess it is true that dogs can anticipate danger!

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