Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Beagle, My Assistant: Take Two

(Because I don't think the haiku version quite worked.)

My Beagle, My Assistant

The old orange pontoon boat
Sat on our concrete driveway
Waiting on its Spring maintenance.

While I crawled underneath
Wrangling wrenches and wires,
Katie the Beagle helped me
By chasing squirrels.

I am sure she thought
I needed the protection,
My brave, bold beagle.

She chased one squirrel
Up the telephone pole.
She chased another
All the way across the street.

Then, her work done,
She basked on the warm concrete,
Soaking up the sun,
Rolling on her back,
Asking for a belly rub.

Thank you, little beagle.
You helped more than you can know.


  1. At last I grasp it.
    The driveway designation
    As locale was key.

  2. My haiku becomes
    Free verse. The comments come in
    Haiku. Roles reverse!

    I do like that I kept that one little haiku in the middle, though. Brave, bold beagle indeed!