Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Star Trekkin' Across the U. in Verse

From: Campbell-Droze, Mary
Subject: To Boldly Glow Where Treks Have Dawned Before

[and not, To Moldily Go Where Unknowns Have Gone to Spore]

I dare to hope that this will work
And not croak like Bill Shatner's Kirk!
(But, of course, it must be said:
Is any 'Trek' star EVER dead?)
A refreshed franchise sounds divine
To us who bailed after "Deep-Sixed" Nine!
I wish these newbies no ill will---
They've got pretty big boots to fill!
Speaking of boots, I'm sure Chris Pine
Can pull his on (and off) just fine,
And Urban will nail his "Dammit, Jim!"
Despite having led the Rohirrim;
Simon Pegg's a plus as Scotty
(Just hope his burr is not too spotty)
And Quinto's Vulcan's sure to please
…Pine's brows could *also* use a tweeze…
But mostly, here's the gist of it:
Not to turn 'Trek' into s##t!
Abrams will feel our Trekkie rage
Before you can say "TOS.1 - 'The Cage'"!
- Meanwhile, Picard patiently
- Sips hot, non-poncy Earl Grey tea.

From: Magee, John
RE: To Boldly Grow Where Treks Have Rhymed Before

We who watched that Enterprise crap
Second Mary’s Trekker rap
I hope they got someone to write
A screenplay worthwhile on first night
‘Cause if this movie’s not a hit
Abrams' future ain’t worth s***.

How will it fare with critics, fans?
Will we renew our old Trek banns?
Mary’s dream arrived to greet her:
A one-hundred score on TomatoMeter!


From: Campbell-Droze, Mary
Subject: RE: To Boldly Grow Trekkie Cred of Long Before

Great news! …but should one refer to me,
I'm not a "Trekker"---I'm a proud "Trekkie"!

From: Magee, John
Subject: RE: To Boldly Go and Mary's Trekkie Cred Restore

I did not mean to thus offend.
At warp speed, apologies I send.

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