Saturday, May 23, 2009

Restful Friday Evening

After a really, really busy week, chock full of assorted village governance, a couple of genuine work annoyances, and a work project that genuinely perplexed me, I rolled into Friday afternoon and the start of the Memorial Day weekend generally aggravated and plum tuckered out.

So, after taking care of a couple of chores, I tracked down a container of worms at a local store. Then I spent my evening fishing off the pontoon boat as it sat moored to our dock, quaffing a few delicious Sierra-Nevada Pale Ales, and listening to the ballgame on the radio. Eventually Monique made her way down to the boat, too, and we both sat on the boat at dock listening to the ball game. It was kind of like a little pontoon cruise without even the effort of steering. Once it started to get dark we headed up to the house, and grilled a few hot dogs for dinner. Then we turned on the tube, watched the end of the Tiger game and the Red Wing game. And not too long after that, Monique, Katie the Beagle, and I were all sleeping soundly.

I hardly caught any fish -- one little sunny -- but that was fine with me, since I wasn't really trying too hard to catch fish. I was just trying to catch a little peace and quiet, and succeeded in that.


  1. I wonder. Does Monique really enjoy sports all that much... or does Monique enjoy spending time with her husband who watches/listens to all that sports?

    You make me wish I too could drink a Sierra Nevada on the pontoon boat this summer. Sigh.

  2. She likes listening to baseball games on the radio because it's part of the music of summertime.