Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Detroit AutoRama: Station Wagons

Before vast herds of minivans and SUVs nearly drove them to extinction the station wagon ruled supreme on the cul de sacs of suburbia. A few fabulous survivors of that era made it to AutoRama:

Speaking of ruling supreme over the suburbs, meet "The Suburban", a 1962 Plymouth Savoy owned by Gary White of Ionia, Michigan, and built by Marquette Classics.

Many of the original station wagons were woodies. Here they receive a tribute in the form of this sharp 1952 Chevrolet Woody Wagon owned by Bill Harris of Brighton, Michigan.

This fabulous green 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle wagon is owned by Jeff Betz of Clinton Township, Michigan.

This 1948 Ford Custom Woody is the subtly named "Viagra: It's a Woody!" owned by Bob and Donna Petrusha of Ortonville, Michigan. It started its life as a four-door wagon but was converted to a custom woody wagon with two suicide doors, hand-built panels all around, a chopped top, leather interior, air-ride suspension, and a double-overhead cam 4.6-liter Ford engine.

Down in the AutoRama Extreme displays in the basement I found this great-looking 1964 Chrysler Newport Custom Wagon owned by Dave Marchioni of Detroit.

Also in the basement we have this 1957 Ford Wagon owned by Rob Gabrjolek of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. Its eye-catching orange-flake metallic paint looked great under the basement lights. I can only imagine what it looks like in the sun.

And finally we have the Total Recall Auto Parts of Marine City, Michigan, 1958 Ford Courier wagon owned by Tom von Meyer.  It's got a great line, but it looks just a smidge ... and I mean this in the best way ... well, kinda rat-roddy.

Indeed. We shall meet its fully rodentia-motive friends tomorrow.

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  1. A true tale of hot-rod station wagons sent to me earlier today from my Dad involving his younger brothers Tom and Dan:

    "I used to have a 292 v-8, with 3 spd. on the column 57 ford wagon. It went thru rear tires almost monthly.

    Mom and Dad went for a trip to Lake Placid one summer Sunday. As they went by the North Hudson Dragway mom said "Is that Tommy driving the green ford wagon?"

    Dad said "WHAT?"

    They parked the car and watch another run by Tom. When he returned to the pits he got out and was talking to some one when Dad walked up behind him and said, "You bogged off the line!"

    People say Tom's face went whiter than the bottom of the wagon.

    Dad said you owe Jim for some tires and repairs. I got my money, the next week, and when I went to Columbia Tom and Dan took over the Ford and eventually it disappeared...."