Sunday, March 16, 2014

Detroit AutoRama: Smoooooooth and Swoopy

Really, the best title for this category of cars is "Things I saw at AutoRama that I thought Monique would dig." She likes her cars smooth and swoopy. She also doesn't like "their innards exposed" as she puts it. Usually this tends to mean beatiful art-deco classics of the late 1920s and 1930s. But as I looked over the photos I realized that "lead sleds" -- smoothed and lowered sedans from the 40s and 50s -- tended to fit that description, so there are a few nice ones in here, too:

Indeed, quite a few cars at AutoRama were Monique's cup of tea:

1949 Chevy Fastback owned by Paul White of Portland, Maine.

This 1951 Mercury Coupe is owned by Bill Bella of Romulus, Michigan. It's for sale! Give Bill a call if you want a great looking Mercury

This 1949 Mercury Convertible owned by Andy and Diane Vandzuh of Clinton Township, Michigan had one of the best "chameleon" paint jobs in the show. It shifts beautifully between green and blue.

This 1962 Chrysler 300 Sport was built by Anne Armstrong and friends in memory of her husband Jack Armstrong. The great color paint is called "Bermuda Turquoise."

1937 Ford Coupe owned by Eddie Denkenberger of Frederica, Delaware.

And finally we have my nominee for the car I thought would be Monique's favorite of the show. It was one of my favorites, too, a 1937 Cord "Alti" convertible -- owned and designed by Bill Kingwell of West Homestead, Pennsylvania. Cords are almost certainly my favorite cars of the 30s, and this is one of the nicest Cords I've ever seen.

Tomorrow? Corvettes!

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  1. Oh, thank you. Yes, this post is full of cars I think are beauuuuuutiful.