Monday, March 17, 2014

Detroit AutoRama: Corvettes

If yesterday's collection of smooth and swoopy cars was for Monique, I reckon my Dad will be the most avid reader of today's batch -- Corvettes! 

This 1968 Corvette is the Saturday Night Special, a drag-racing prototype built by Chevrolet Engineering for testing at the Milford, Michigan, proving grounds and later featured in several magazine articles. It's currently owned by Dave Miller of Madison Heights, Michigan.

Lingenfelter Corvettes, for when 400 or 500 hp just isn't enough.

What I like best about this 1961 Corvette owned by Jerry Morello of Woodhaven, Michigan -- aside from the beautiful Vette itself, duh! -- is the matching scooter. They're a wonderful pair.

Mmmn ... 1963 split-window Corvette Coupe goodness from John Bierkamp of Macomb, Michigan.

1969 Chevy Corvette Convertible owned by Scott and Denise Smith of Brownsberg, Michigan.

Meet 50Eight, a luscious 1958 Corvette restomod built by Legacy Innovations LLC and owned by Steve Smith of Machester, Maryland.

Speaking of famous drag-racing Vettes, this1957 Corvette was a Hot Rod Magazine featured project car from 1970 to 1971. It won the Supernationals in Ontario, California, in August 1970. It was originally owned by John Dianna and Marv Ripes, was restored in 2012-13, and is currently owned by Craig and Marene Wood of Coldwater, Michigan.

And finally we have this '77 Vette owned by Steve Jesse. Twelve-year-old me would have been just giddy about a black Corvette Stingray with a big, honkin' engine and awesome flames painted on its hood. Mature, adult, current-age me, however, is ... yeah, I'm still giddy. This thing is just great.

Tomorrow? Dragsters and Race Cars, non-Corvette division.

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