Thursday, March 13, 2014

Detroit AutoRama: Cute-sters

Okay, okay. So maybe there's not really such a hot-rod category as "cute-sters".  Still, some of the cars at the 2014 AutoRama were decidedly cute. So, if we can have roadsters and dragsters, why not cute-sters?

We begin the cute-ster tour with this 1970 VW/Meyer Manx Dune Buggy owned by Robert Dewitt of Maybee, Michigan. Adorable!

Next up, a 1959 Beetle owned by Eric Phipps of Eastpointe, Michigan.

Gosh, what could be cuter than a little VW Bug?

Hey, who removed the fenders?

And what's that on the hood?

Spikes! Yikes!

I liked this wanna-be tough-guy Beetle. Monique was truly appalled when she saw the photos. I leave it to you, gentle reader, to cast the deciding vote.

This bubble-gum pink 1935 Chevrolet Cabriolet belongs to Carl Scholz of Capac, Michigan. How cute was it? I had to wait for a break in the long line of little girls posing in front of this car to take these photos. Seriously.

A muscle bug! I didn't get a look at the engine in this pro street custom 1972 VW Bug, but judging by the louvred hood there's something surprising lurking in there somewhere.

At long last, a genuinely cute bug: a 1962 VW Beetle belonging to Andrew Trahan of Clawson, Michigan.

What sort of engine breathes at the heart of this wee little 1957 BMW Isetta belonging to Dogpatch Customs and Brent Myers of Toledo, Ohio? The sign just says "HEMI".  Be afraid. Be very afraid.

What sort of crazy person puts a Hemi in an Isetta?  Oh, yeah, that's right. This is Detroit. We'll shove a giant engine in anything, won't we? I close this post with Exhibit A in support of that theory:

1967 Citroen CV owned by Larry and Barbie Green of Caro, Michigan. They shoved a 350 Chevy V-8 in a Deux Chevaux! (Well, technically they dropped a Deux Chevaux body on a Chevy S-10 pickup truck frame, then shoved a 350 Chevy V-8 in a Deux Chevaux. Still ... crazy, crazy, crazy.)

That crazy is, of course, a big part of what makes the AutoRama so much fun.

Tomorrow? Enough of the cute. We have some trucks!

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