Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Little Road Trip Finale: Greenwich Village

After our visit to the Statue of Liberty we decided to cap our day's tourism with a walk through Greenwich Village.

Searching for hot chocolate.

Forbidden Planet comics:

Onward with the expedition:

We didn't go far before I got distracted by a bookstore. Monique, Malcolm, and Henry carried on with the expedition while I tried to not buy too many books. We agreed to meet at Washington Square Park.

Of course, they soon also got distracted by a different retail hazard, a huge and cool costume shop.

Eventually we joined back up at Washington Square Park.

And then off to dinner at Cuba, an awesome Cuban restaurant just a couple of blocks away.

This seems a good time to mention our secret culinary weapon in this visit to New York, Larry Chielli, a friend of mine from fantasy baseball circles who was always at the ready online with awesome dining recommendations no matter where we were in Manhattan. Thanks to him this was my best-eating visit to New York ever. Thanks, Larry!

The next morning we had an early departure. Henry and Malcolm had to catch a plane to join a friend for a week in Florida, and Monique and I had to hit the road to get back to Michigan quickly, so I could make a 7 pm village council meeting that evening.

Really, I think there's only one question left. Did Henry or Malcolm ever find the truly magic pair of basketball shoes they dreamed of?


Big Smoky and I greet the empty early morning Manhattan streets.

Au revoir, Malcolm and Henry. We'll see you when you're back from what I'm sure will be a very pleasant and not-at-all unbearably hot and humid August week in Florida.

And as long as we don't hit any traffic problems on the road from New York to Michigan, I'll be back for my ... uh-oh. What's this sprawled across the highway?

(Despite the long traffic backup behind the tractor-trailer sprawled across the highway I made it to my council meeting that evening with plenty of time to spare. ... Well, with two minutes to spare, anyway. No kidding. I got to village hall at 6:58 pm. That was cutting it a wee bit close.)

We had a great little road trip across New York State. We were really happy that Malcolm and Henry got to see Niagara Falls and my hometown of Glens Falls. And a visit to a city for those two city kids seemed only fair after we hauled them across thousands of miles of farmland last year.

And with that, we return you to our Patio Boat present-day posts. I hope you enjoyed our little tourist trip.

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