Saturday, October 17, 2015

This Summer's Little Road Trip: Times Square

Astute readers of the ol' Patio Boat blog may have noticed that our summertime photoblogging skipped the second half of this summer's Little Road Trip, our trip to New York City with Malcolm and Henry. There's a perfectly good reason for that.

Um, I was busy.

Yup, that's why those photos have thus far lingered unseen for the last couple of months. After we returned from the trip I got the first couple of days in Niagara Falls and Glens Falls up on the blog. Then I began sorting out the hundreds of photos we shot in NYC, but life got in the way. This week, however, I've been grounded for a few days by a cold. And while it's severely impeded productivity on the work and village fronts, it's been a positive boon for time spent at home in front of my computer. So, I put my inactivity to good use, got back to sorting out the rest of our New York photos, and we finally have a few posts ready to roll.

Come along with us for the next few days as we visit Manhattan in the summertime.

We start with Times Square, only a couple of blocks from our hotel room:

Times Square beckons. The view from our room at the Radio City Apartments.

Tourist mode: on!

"So, Henry, you know how to do this selfie thing without getting your finger in the way, right?"

Frequent Times Square visitors will start to notice around here that we don't have any photos in this set of the many colorfully dressed street performers who try to make a few bucks in Times Square. Mostly that's just because I didn't want to take any pictures of us with Captain America or the human Statue of Liberty without tossing them a couple of bucks and I'm a cheap bastard. And I'm not sure I could've taken and posted any photos of the lovely young ladies wearing only body paint and a smile without slapping a parental advisory on my blog.

So instead, we move on to Times Square at night.

Well, Times Square in twilight, anyway.


"Hello from Times Square!"

Next stop: Central Park.

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