Monday, October 19, 2015

The Little Road Trip: The Empire State Building

After our walk through Central Park we took the subway to the Empire State Building.

Once there we worked our ways through the lines to get to the observation deck before sunset.

Hurrah! We made it! Henry and Malcolm looking South.

Monique and John looking out at the Hudson River.

You mean we're not even at the top of this building?!

Looking North in the twilight (above) then again as it gets darker (below).

Rooftops, rooftops, rooftops.

Hello, Times Square.

And then ... back to the lobby.

Next stop: we start the next day at the 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower.

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  1. Great bunch of photos! Glad you posted them, John. Memories are enhanced by looking at such pictures decades later... I should know this by now; much better than you youngsters...