Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Final Sunset Cruise of 2015

It was an unbelievable 75 degrees and sunny on Tuesday, November 3. Since we had already scheduled the removal of our pontoon boat the next morning, this was our final sunset cruise of the year.

Come along for the ride

This is what the sunset looks like through Monique's rose-colored glasses:


Goodbye, West end of the lake. Goodbye, sunset.

Back at the dock our neighbor was burning a pile of branches out on the island.

Home again, home again.

It's been a fun and busy year of redecking and refitting the ol' Stealth Pontoon, so we didn't get it in the lake this year until mid-August. I'm glad we've had a nice long Fall to enjoy the lake.

See you in the Springtime, Stealth Pontoon. I've got more electrical doo-dads still waiting to be installed.


  1. Thanks for posting all these phtoos, John. It was a fine final cruise indeed!

    The Stealth Pontoon is now on it's way to Wixom to be bundled up for the winter.

  2. Agree, Monique. That last cruise of 2015 included some visually breathtaking sunsets. So glad you captured these last moments and shared them here; thanks again, John!