Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Summer's Little Road Trip: Central Park

Just a few dozen blocks from the overwhelming hubbub of Times Square you can find the peaceful pathways and fields of Central Park. Join us for an August afternoon walk:

Yeah, yeah. Trees and flowers and stuff. Suddenly Henry and Malcolm spotted something of interest: basketball! Soon they got themselves a game of two on two.

Malcolm with the dunk.

Henry slams one down.

Henry dit, "Non!"

Another dunk.

We won't talk about the final score. Henry says they didn't want to embarrass the New Yorkers, and Malcolm assures me that things would've been different had we gone sneaker shopping first.

Monique at a fountain.

Skyline in the background.

At the reservoir.

Monique with a huge branch from her new favorite tree. New York has hundreds of these lovely trees with shedding bark planted all over, but neither of us knew what type of tree they actually are. (More on this when we visit the Statue of Liberty.)

Resting up before our next adventure: The Empire State Building!

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