Monday, February 15, 2010

Romeo and the Rice Cooker: A Valentine's Day Love Story in Facebook Comments

Today, on the Patio Boat, we present Romeo and the Rice Cooker: A Valentine's Day Love Story in Facebook Comments.

John Magee did not buy Monique flowers, candy, or even a card for Valentine's Day. I did, however, buy her a rice cooker because love means never having to say you're sorry (that you made gloppy rice.) Yesterday at 10:16am

Angela Makowski How sweet! (the rice cooker, not the gloppy rice) Yesterday at 10:19am

Terri Lee Marion SUCH a romantic! Yesterday at 10:21am

Raymond Brace You, sir, have a truly twisted mind (lmao). Yesterday at 10:30am

Terri Lee Marion Love means never having to say, "Make your OWN DAMN rice!" LOL Yesterday at 10:35am

Carissa Wilkins Are we surprised by John's logic??? Yesterday at 11:04am

John Magee The romance lies not in giving your wife what any woman might want. The romance lies in knowing what your wife really wants. Yesterday at 11:21am

Gary Alampi and that is fluffy rice. Yesterday at 11:24am

John Magee Exactly, Gary! Yesterday at 12:02pm

Carissa Wilkins Ok John - did Monique fall head over heels when presented with that "gift of love"? I stand for the crowd and say "let's hear it from Monique" Yesterday at 3:26pm

Steve Johnston Rice is kind of a flower isn't it? Yesterday at 5:19pm

John Magee Hah, Cari! You'd need to get her *on* Facebook, first. Until then she's unable to rebut my assertion of the sheer romance to be found in a rice cooker.

I did up the romance ante a bit this afternoon though, by taking her out ... to the neighbor's house to watch the Daytona 500. (Granted, this year it was more like watching four hours of pothole repair. Whatever. The point is that we went out on Valentine's Day, too. So, there!) Yesterday at 7:58pm

Carissa Wilkins :-) Yesterday at 9:38pm

Phil Gaven Well played, Grasshopper, well played. Yesterday at 10:25pm

Coda: We conclude our love story with this breaking update: I'm still waiting for my fluffy rice.


  1. I'm finally seeing things clearly... Deep down, you rather like the fact that I am not on Facebook. This way, you can present things as you like.... letting mystery and the unspoken work there little magic.

    Too funny.

    Yes, that rice cooker is great! A big smooch for you, my dear Valentine.

    So, ah, when are you going to make the rice?

  2. Let me now propose a rice cooking competition between the techniques: Monique to use her pre-rice cooker result and you, John, the rice cooker outcome. Being old and wise in the ways of rice cooking, I should be trusted to judge impartially and honestly. The prize shall be a "Shrimp and Chicken Etouffee with TOASTED RICE" dinner, followed by Sazerac and bourbon cake.
    Surely an irresistible challenge!

  3. Shrimp and Chicken Etouffee with toaster rice dinner, followed by Sazerac and bourbon cake!

    Wow, that is too good to resist.
    You're on but may I, please, be the one who uses the new rice cooker?